Soraya laser clinic is the best place for laser hair removal ! She is an amazing and professional individual! Soraya is the best at her job

Negar    April 30, 2018  

I’ve only done one session so far but I’ve already seen results way better than my last laser place! Soraya is so sweet and gentle with the face while doing laser hair removal and I’m excited to continue lasering with her!

Malak    April 18, 2018  

"Thank you for your friendly space and professional services."

Shiva V    October 8, 2017  

Ive been going to Soraya for laser hair removal since October, and I have amazing results! I had thick hair & I started seeing results after the second session, I didn’t think that was possible! I look forward to my laser lessions because of the comfortable and friendly atmosphere that she provides. Thank you Soraya for making my laser experience painless & comfortable!

Tiam M    January 22, 2018  

Extremely recommended!!!!
If you are looking for a professional service in a totally friendly environment, do not hesitate to call Soraya, as she provides all that. It has been almost a year since I have benefited from her professional work and I am tremendously satisfied! She is so devoted and the work she does is PAINLESS 🙂 I tried two other places and they were not what I was looking for.
Thank you Soraya, you are the best.

Shahla    February 7, 2018  

Soraya is the best! I’ve been seeing her for laser hair removal for over a year now and I’m very pleased with the results! She’s professional, courteous and just amazing at what she does. If you go to her, you won’t be disappointed!

Parnaz    March 15, 2018  

I’ve been going to Soraya ever since I moved to Toronto, and the results I’m seeing are amazing. And the best part is there is NO pain.
Thank you Soraya for your amazing service.

Rasha T    January 14, 2018  

I have been going to Soraya for probably over ten years, and she stands out with the quality of her services. Soraya is professional, welcoming, and demonstrates great knowledge in her line of business. She greatly cares about the client experience, wants the best for the customer, and cares about cleanliness (I know a lot laser clinics have hygiene issues and this was very important to me). When it comes to the treatments, Soraya is very thorough and tries her best to ensure quality results. Soraya genuinely goes the extra mile to provide client satisfaction.

Thanks so much Soraya!

Mina    February 6, 2018  

My experience here has been nothing short of amazing! I have been coming to Soraya Laser for the passed two years all the way from New York as the price and quality cannot be beat. The service is quick, clean and professional. They use a high-end, pain-free laser unit and the results have been incredible. I am Middle Eastern and after 6 sessions, my hair growth is virtually gone. Soroya has been extremely helpful and courteous. She works quickly and effectively and always makes sure I am comfortable throughout the session. She is great about explaining the process, what to expect, and how to optimize treatments. I highly recommend Soroya Laser to anyone who is looking for affordable and effective results.

Nina    February 20, 2018  

"I've been going to Soraya for many years for laser treatments. I've never been so happy from such great results. Soraya is the most amazing person and the best at her job. I will never leave her! Soraya treats her clients amazing and has them leaving super happy! Thank you Soraya for being so amazing "

Mary A    September 18, 2017  

Best hair removal laser clinic!!!!! I went to another place a couple years ago for an entire year and hair kept growing back with little to no difference from when I first started. I left and discovered soraya’s clinic and I’ve been going to her for a year now - and I couldn’t be more happy with the results.
Highly recommended.

Marilena    April 12, 2018  

I have been getting full body laser hair removal treatments from Soraya and I am loving it! I started seeing amazing results immediately after my first session. The machine being used is the Soprano XLi, which has a cool tip so I feel NO PAIN during my treatments (which is amazing!!). My experience with Soraya has been wonderful from the very first moment I walked through the door. she is welcoming, highly professional, very knowledgeable, and an honest person. She answered all of my questions, addressed my concerns, and explained to me in detail what to expect from the treatment. I would highly recommend Soraya to anyone interested in getting laser hair removal!!!

Dhuha A    April 9, 2018  

Soraya is amazing to work with! Not only is she the best at what she does she is also professional, reliable, easy to get ahold of and friendly. I have recommended her to many of my friends and they are all happy with the service as well.

Mona    January 19, 2018  

I have been going to Soraya Laser Clinic for a year now and I could not have made a better decision!

I have been to other laser clinics that are well known and are much more costly. My experience with the previous clinics were painful (both physically and financially). They would literally measure the area and be very stingy about the number of times they would go over an area. I didn’t see any immediate results and eventually stopped going.

Years later, my sister raved about Soraya Laser Clinic and of course I didn’t take her recommendation seriously. Having tried other clinics, I figured they were all the same. I assumed laser hair removal, overall, didn’t really do what it advertises. After much convincing, I decided to give Soraya Laser a try. Oh boy do I wish I went sooner! I wish I hadn’t wasted my money on previous clinics. I wish I had done it years ago so I could have been hair free much earlier without breaking the bank!

I must say Soraya Laser Clinic wouldn’t be the same without Soraya. She is very knowledgeable, she explains the process thoroughly, she goes above and beyond and most importantly, the process is completely pain free, effective and very affordable. I couldn’t believe the results I saw after just ONE session. I started off with my underarms, jawline, chin and now have moved to my entire legs and bikini. For those that are of South Asian descent will know how coarse our hair can be. So to see significant results after the first session is incredible! My underarm hair was completely gone by my third session.

Soraya ensures she takes her time with her clients and she is very generous with the areas she covers which is a bonus. I always look forward to my appointments with Soraya knowing that they are extremely effective.

So if it isn’t obvious by now, I will and continue to recommend Soraya and Soraya Laser Clinic to anyone. I have no complaints and I’m an extremely happy customer.

Thank you so much Soraya!

Shalini    January 19, 2018  

Soraya is the best person I work with. Her services is excellent as her behavior. I got my result after 3rd. session. I suggest her to every one who is interested in Laser Hair Removal.

Parisa    January 19, 2018  

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